Ready Made Legal Forms Explained

ready-made documentsSooner or later everyone needs to deal with legal issues. Whether you are buying or selling a house or a car, making a will, setting up a business, lending money or perhaps you need prenuptial agreement. All these things and more require varying degrees of legal assistance and that usually means laying out money for an attorney which can run into hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

One of the more costly aspects of any legal proceeding is the paperwork. From basic instruments like a bill of sale or a lease to a separation agreement, filing for divorce or a will all require documents that conform to a customary size and layout and have a particular type of language. In fact, as a matter of legal procedure, contracts and agreements are typically required to conform to accepted court standards in order to be considered legal.

legalese textTraditionally attorneys would draft documents on a case by case basis however with the advent of the computer, attorneys were able to work from a basic document framework by making changes, adding and subtracting clauses and adjusting wording to draft documents to suit individual cases. Over time this method has been standardized and enhanced to create computer files with adjustable clauses and phrases built in which can be easily manipulated to encompass a wide variety of possibilities in order to create quality, durable, legally binding documents.

Even with the time saving advantage of computers, legal costs are still very much based on the amount of time an attorney or paralegal assistant spends preparing forms and documents. It did not take long for attorneys who possessed the skill for drafting quality documents would begin to build databases of the most common types of documents.

The era of the pre-drafted legal form was born.

The great innovation was that these pre-drafted documents were not just made available to attorneys, but also made available to the general public as well via the Internet.

It’s now possible to find ready made legal forms specifically designed not only for the US legal system but also for the Canadian, United Kingdom and Australian legal systems as well, right down to the state, province, region or district variations. These ready-made documents, plus a large selection of form letters, applications and complete document kits are fully guaranteed, prepared by attorneys and available in several languages.

The prices for most ready-made legal forms run about 5% to 10% of an attorney’s fee to draft a similar document and although they are not a substitute for professional legal advice they can save you a great deal of money on the paperwork for many official dealings involving the courts, government and other types of legal filings. Forms come with full instructions that make customizing any document to your specific needs easy and uncomplicated.

All things considered it is still a good idea to have your attorney look over your completed documents before you file. Most attorneys are amenable to proof read your documents for a small fee and identify any errors before you submit them.

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Ready Made Legal Forms