Ready Made Legal Forms – Reducing Your Legal Costs

Legal forms are needed for many facets of everyday life. Filing for a divorce, making a separation agreement, making a will, selling a car; all require a form of one type or other. Legal forms are the legal-sized documents that are official in courts of law. Many contracts and other legal documents are not legally binding unless they are printed on legal forms that conform to court standards and legal standards.

legal contract formsTypically lawyers draft documents by adjusting existing files on their computers and making changes, adding clauses, etc. This isn’t much different from the way lawyers have always written legal documents however, now they use a computer instead of a legal pad.

Even with the time saving advantage of computers, legal costs are still very much a matter of the time a lawyer spends preparing forms and documents. People find themselves having to pay a huge amount of money for small issues that don’t seem to warrant such expense.

The internet has made the acquiring of ready made legal forms, documents and official letters very easy and even more important very reasonably priced. Some legal document distributors even post along with the price they charge, the approximate price a lawyer will charge to draft the exact same document.

It’s easy to see how these document services have become so popular since the price is usually only 5%-10% of the price a lawyer will charge. Mind you, legal contract forms are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney but the use of ready-made attorney-prepared legal forms, documents, letters etc. can save you a lot of money on legal fees on many transactions both personal and business involving lawyers, courts, government etc.

Another consideration is the fact that legal forms and documents vary from state to state (US) and province to province (Canada) and as such local lawyers are not always versed in the variations and differences of laws and procedures in different parts of the country. A quality legal contract forms and documents distributor will not only sell a large variety of attorney-prepared legal forms and documents but will also supply form letters, sales forms, applications, document kits etc. in different languages for every state and province.

A final consideration is to always make sure the material you are purchasing is fully guaranteed and last but not least, have your lawyer look over your documents before filing. Most lawyers will charge a very small fee to look over your documents for correctness and then you’re covered.