mastermind group guidelines

Mastermind Group Confidentiality — NDA

For starters a mastermind is a practical example of two heads being better than one, but it’s so much more than that. Napoleon Hill in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, defined it thus:

The “Master Mind” may be defined as “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose”.

In fact mastermind groups have been utilized for thousands of years and can be found not only at the heart of every great fortune ever assembled but also related in one way or another to every major turning point in recorded human history.

Even though the mastermind is well established as an effective means of inspiring and honing ideas as well as resolving seemingly insurmountable problems; they can be difficult to organize and maintain.


Some mastermind group guidelines, if you are thinking of starting one

A successful mastermind is always comprised of members who are dedicated to the spirit of, “all for one and one for all” with a focused sense of purpose. Remember this is not a hangout or a club, but a true problem solving, idea generating faculty.

Not only should your mastermind be comprised of members who are smart and possess specialized knowledge (preferably knowledge other group members don’t have but can certainly benefit from) they must also be trustworthy and discrete about discussions and disclosures within the confines of group meetings.

There is also the question of group size. An effective mastermind group should be something in the order of 3 or more and not more than 12 members. Of course this is merely a rule of thumb but, too few provides little inspiration and too many is unruly… so choose wisely.

There is also a need for some sort of format and rules for the mastermind group. The format can include things like, where and how often your meetings will be held, the duration of meetings, the mechanism for preparing agendas, etc.

Mastermind group rules

As for rules; every group or organization needs some rules but there is obviously a great deal of flexibility here. Strict rules can lead to a rapid exodus of members whereas rules that are too vague can lead to chaos. Rules of order can be for such things as how long or how often a member may speak for instance, or the degree to which members must contribute in a useful way, and of course, the manner in which disputes will be resolved.

Probably the most important rule you should consider is the matter of confidentiality and to that end, you will need a non-disclosure agreement, signed by each member; however you should also bear in mind that some members may consider such a document insulting while others may be reluctant to share without an NDA. Logic dictates that a mastermind with guaranteed confidentiality in the form of a signed document is likely to be a richer and more candid idea sharing environment.

Mastermind groups online

If you are not interested in setting up your own mastermind group you could also consider joining a pre-existing one, provided you can find a group that is looking for a new member, in your particular niche or area of interest, located in your general vicinity. If that’s not possible you could also try to find a mastermind group online. Although online mastermind groups in the past were not as informal and personable as their live counterparts, that seems to be changing with the use of high-speed Internet, Webcams and other sophisticated tools. You may be surprised at what you can find by searching Google or Bing for online mastermind groups in your general area of interest.

However you decide to interface with a mastermind group — once you have performed reasonable due diligence before joining and you are prepared to contribute your fair share and even more importantly, you listen diligently — implementing whatever good ideas you can glean from the process you will find, as others have for centuries that this is the greatest resource available for success known to mankind.